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Purebred Breeders.com Support Ticket - Puppy

Purebred Breeders.com Support Ticket


Created By: DogBreader7's Picture DogBreader7 Last Reply: jackiek62's Picture jackiek62
Priority Level: [Medium] Status: [Open]
Created: 8 years ago Last Updated: 7 years ago
Department: General Replies: 2

I used to work with this company and loved it at first. I did not like the fact that I was doing all the work and they were going to charge about 500 to 600 dollars more for my dog but I really wanted help advertising and so I agreed. The first year I sold about 5 puppies on my own and about 6 puppies with the company and everything went great. I got the asking price I wanted. I had many people I sold puppies to send me pictures and thank you notes saying how much they loved their new puppy. The second year and last year I worked with the company, out of eleven, I sold one puppy that somehow supposedly came up ill. In order to fly a puppy it must go to a vet and get a health certificate. I took the puppy to the vet and the vet checks fecal, heartbeat, and a few other things. The vet cleared the puppy but told me the puppy had one undescended testicle (which I thought it might have had but was not 100% sure). The fecal came back negative, the dog had no fleas and the weight was normal for the size of the puppy. When the sales agent called me saying we have someone interested in buying one of your puppies and asked me about the puppy, I told him that this puppy was the runt of the litter and it may have an undsended testical but I do not know for sure because I am not a vet. The buyer wanted me to send a video of the dog to him showing it run and play. I did that. The buyer wanted the dog so that is when I took it to the vet and put it on the airplane the following day. Then about three months later I get an emial or a call stating that the dog is sick and the buyers are mad because they found out there is an undescended testicle on the puppy. Most of the time that is not a big deal unless you want to breed that dog or the undescended testicle is not removed then it could lead to cancer. My issue as the breeder is that I told the company about my concern with the undescended testicle so why is that an issue? Well come to find out, the sales agent did not relay the message. Now as a breeder, you are supposed to type in any health issues or check a box stating the puppies’ state of health, but in order to enter the flight info you need to do the health info. Well, I don't take the dog to the vet until the day before flight because (1), I work out of town so I can't just make it to the vet any time I want and (2), the health certificate is only good for ten days and it cost me about $70.00 to get it. The company calls you and haggles you to put in the flight data, (which is a pain in the butt) so at that time I stated no problems with the puppy b/c to my knowledge, there was none. You are probably thinking “well you thought there was an undescended testicle” and my response is “yes, but I did not know for sure until the day I took the puppy to the vet. I told the sales rep my concern about that, and the puppy was only 8 weeks old, they do sometimes drop a little later. In addition the vet wrote that on the health certificate which goes to the new owner. The second issue was 3 months after being checked out and given a health certificate, stating the puppy was healthy (except for the undescended testicle) The puppy now has parasites and breathing issues. The particular parasite that the new buyer's vet says my puppy had is one that cannot be picked up by a fecal exam and is highly contractible. I sold about 10 puppies before this one and none of them came back with any health issues. In addition, the parents of the puppies are healthy and did not have this parasite. So if this came from my property all of my dogs would have had it, but none of them did. So the company wants me to give the new buyer a refund. I refuse to do that, stating that I sold them a healthy puppy and they had it 3 months before it supposedly got sick. They then told me the buyer wants to send the puppy back and still wants a refund. I was still angry, because I knew that was a very healthy puppy so I said no. I don't know the conditions of their property or what other animals they have around. Yes, I agreed to a one year health guarantee but this puppy being sick is not my fault. My vet cleared the puppy and said it was healthy. Then after they harassed me, I decided if they want their money back I'll do that it they send me my puppy back (seems fair right?). The lady that works for the company tells me no the puppy is too sick to fly, they can't fly it back to me. I know I am being lied to, because they just told me the buyer wants to fly it back to me. So at this time I am furious and aggrevated with the company and my wife just got laid off her job in addition to having a necessary $25,000 surgery and I did not have the money in the bank to cover that, so I made a deal with the company. I told them if they could cover the expense of the dog that on the next sale I made with them they would just keep the money owed(which is crazy b/c these buyers are now going to get reinbursed and they get to keep my puppy which I have put lots of money into b/c of the vet expense, buying a crate, buying a plane ticket, driving it an hour and a half to the airport and back, giving it shots, dewormers, and feeding it). That puppy was the last one I had but I would have another litter soon b/c I have two females and one male. The company agreed to that by email (which I still have). I was not happy about it but I let it go. About four to six months later I get a letter in the mail stating I was being sued for the cost of that puppy. So now I am angry b/c we had an agreement which now they are breaking. The lawyer did not care about our agreement. I was really furious because the company was saying I was a fraud and willingly sold a sick puppy. I was very angry!!!!! I am a teacher, a coach, and a church going man. No, I'm not perfect, but I am an honest man. I really wanted to let this fly in court, but I finally decided that it was not worth it and just decided to make payments until I can pay the debt off. On top of everything else, they will not let me advertise with them anymore, which is fine with me because from my experience as a breeder, you are better off selling on your own. You don't have to talk to or deal with rude receptionists, sales people who don't represent you well, or people who talk while you are talking. I am not sexist but all the women that I worked with over the phone were rude and talked over me while I tried to talk. From my experience, this company does not care about the breeder (who is the bread and butter of that business) they just care about making a sale and taking no responsibility!


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Ticket Replies

Angelscry2 says: (7 years ago)
Oh my I know what ya went through. I for one am being sued as well. They are saying I intentionally concealed the fact the the puppy had a hereditary and congenital condition being it had Hip Dysplasia. They are saying I willful fabrication of the health and fitness of the property. First off the puppy is not property, second how dare they say that I fabricated the health and fitness documents! I have been a breeder for over 18 1/2 years and never in my breeding career have any of my puppies ever beed diagnosed with this type of problem. Nor has anyone called me telling me this has happen to their dogs from me.
They say that I knowingly, intentionally, willfully and maliciously withheld funds owed to buypuppiesdirect.com.
I am sorry I did not nor have I ever sold my puppies to buypuppiesdirect.com. I sold my puppies to the new owners through the buypuppiesdirect.com website. Never once has my puppies went to them and then to the new owners. I have no writen, verbal or signed contract with buypuppiesdirect.com.
I sold a happy, healthy and playful puppy to the new owners. They toke her to the vet to be examined and found she had pain in one of her hips. Now who is to say that she was not jared around in transpotation? Whos to say they did not take her home and let her jump off furniture and injured her self that way? Whos to say that a child droped her?
These are all unanswered questions. But I will tell you this if I have to pay anything to any one for this puppy, I will get my puppy back!
Yes I refuse to make payment to buypuppiesdirect.com and I never aggreed to pay them so how can they legally say I failed to pay them. Ok here is a good one for you to read: How did I or anyone else for that matter influence buypuppiesdirect. to purchase said puppy? Hummmmm Lets look back for a minute, ohh yah now I remember a gentleman by the name of Kevin contacted me after he saw my ad on puppyfinder.com. He asked me if I would like to advertize on their website. So now who influenced who?
I am sorry to hear you you let them win.
How ever they will not win with me. I will send yet another letter to them along with a letter from my vet. If they don't want to back down with this second attempt I will let them take me to court and I will appear with bells on my heels and I will win this. How dare say the malisous stuff they say about me. I will file a counter suite for slander, defamation of character and harassment
because that is what this is.

jackiek62 says: (7 years ago)
I fear this is what is going to happen to me. I have worked with this site for 4 year now. This will be the first time anything like this has happened. They have a new "Membership Agreement". I did not know I was a member! Nor did I know I was to guarantee the puppy for anything. My pup has a slight underbite. It stated so in the vet report and I called them also sent pictures. It seems they never got a hold of the new owner before it was time to ship her. I did not know this. All I knew was she was awaiting her arrival. They never let me know not to ship her.
This memship stuff I am going to look into.
They also contacted me, to get me to advertise with them.
As a breeder I guarantee my pups for 2 years. It also stated that they must take their new pup to the vet within 3 business days.
I wish us both Good Luck!!

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