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  • Premature spaying of puppy

    We purchased a beautiful Havanese female. She arrived in good condition and we have fallen in love with her. When we read her medical care in regard to sending her to us we saw that she had already been spayed. This is a cruel thing to do to a very young animal. The earliest she should have been spayed is at 6 months of age. I would even go so far as to say this is animal abuse and cruelty. This has set her up for several problems due to insufficient estrogen production including incontinence, which she has at this time. She is being treated for a mild UTI and we are hoping this will take... More...
  • not honoring verbal contract

    Saturday before last, I ordered an 8 week old puppy named Titan on the phone from Dennis. I asked him if the puppies parents had been checked for hip dysplasia and though I'd read online the puppies got health checks, I asked if he had his shots. Dennis said that all their breeders checked for genetic issues including hip dysplasia, he was up to date on his shots and was ready to go and that he'd be delivered Tuesday. After rearranging my schedule, Monday I was contacted and told Titan NEEDED his shots and would not be able to travel until Thursday. Wednesday, I was called and... More...
  • Liars

    I'm sick to my stomach trying to figure my puppies skin problems out, I came to this site for the guarantee of a HEALTHY puppy, people don't just cough up 3000 + DOLLARS to get a sick puppy. That's a lot of money and I also saw that you had her on your other website for cheeper. I also have pictures of her parents and noticed her father had dark paws and redness in is crotch area and you logo is covering it, how convenient. She had eating problems before she was shipped to me but I was told she was a finicky eater, not a malnourished underweight about to die dog. I had to... More...
  • Puppy

    I used to work with this company and loved it at first. I did not like the fact that I was doing all the work and they were going to charge about 500 to 600 dollars more for my dog but I really wanted help advertising and so I agreed. The first year I sold about 5 puppies on my own and about 6 puppies with the company and everything went great. I got the asking price I wanted. I had many people I sold puppies to send me pictures and thank you notes saying how much they loved their new puppy. The second year and last year I worked with the company, out of eleven, I sold one puppy that... More...


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