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Purebred Breeders.com Reviews

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  • A Great Experience Purebreeders.com

    I contacted Purebreeders in October of 2016 and was pleasantly surprised that a representative called me back within hours of expressing interest in a puppy I saw on their website. The price was great and I purchased my newest love that day! We received our puppy soon after and contrary to the reviews that I saw before, we had a great experience. Our family is complete thanks to Purebreeders. More...
    MrsMoore's Picture   MrsMoore    0 Comments   Comments
  • Best dog ever!

    I purchased our Welsh Pembroke Corgi from Purebred Breeders in July 2015 & received our little 9 week old puppy in Aug 2015. He was healthy & happy and he's been the best thing we did. Bob was great to deal with & all my questions (I had lots) were answered professionally. I did a lot of searching & yes found some very negative reviews, but everyone has bad luck. Even seeing a puppy & watching it grow up doesn't guarantee a perfect healthy pet. More...
    GJames65's Picture   GJames65    0 Comments   Comments
  • Puppy Purchased with Purebred Breeders

    I purchased my miniature schnauzer fall of 2015, she is a joy and we love her like a child. Her name is Layla Jo and she is a 1 1/2 old and health. She has the best personality and loves attention. The purchase was easy and I was able to get pictures of her parents before I made the final purchase. It's always a good thing to ask for parent pictures and also an updated picture of the puppy you are purchasing. The price was to much, but she is worth every penny I've spent on her and continue to spoil her rotten. More...
    kopptl's Picture   kopptl    0 Comments   Comments
  • From happy to worried to thrilled!

    Maybe enough people who have good experiences just don't post because well, they got what they paid for like they should have. People who are unhappy seem to always speak up. We just got our puppy four days ago, but so far so good. I read all the bad reviews too and was skeptical and worried. I even took my puppy straight from the airport directly to the Veterinary Center! She got a perfectly wonderfully clean bill of health from the Vet! Full head to tail and fecal sample completed and passed with flying colors! I have to say that PBB was great for us. They were very kind... More...
    talulabell's Picture   talulabell    4 Comments   Comments
  • Great Puppy, Great Service

    I ordered my puppy and then panicked because of the negative reviews...and then I searched and searched and tried to read every single thing about this company available on the internet. There were several year old claims of puppy mills, people disappointed with the size of their puppies (really, if you are going to negatively review a company because a living creature grew differently than expected, I really have no words). Needless to say, a 10 year company with this few complaints after selling 70,000 plus pets is doing pretty good. My experience went well, from the puppy counselor that... More...
    Emilycaho's Picture   Emilycaho    0 Comments   Comments
  • Purebred breeders is fantastic

    I was very skeptical buying a puppy on line. I do not want to support puppy mills. I'm happy to say I picked up my German Shepherd from the air port and she was and is amazing. There was a hand written note from the breeder. I called her to let her know I received the pup and to let her know a little about me and my family. This woman lives on a farm and breeds shepherds. I googled her and it all checked out. I took my dog to the vet the next day and the vet said this is a very healthy dog. She has been wonderful, happy, and easy to train. Purebred Beeders delivered on their promise,... More...
    Rleblanc68's Picture   Rleblanc68    0 Comments   Comments
  • Definitely on my list for future purchases

    After the death of my three dogs I swore that I would never have puppies again. It hurt too much. But while looking at Purebred Breeders for a pup for my daughter my heartstrings started pulling again making me realize how lonely I was without a little furry friend in my life. That is where little Kaiya came in!!! Allie was so helpful in my search. I wanted a female that was small. She pointed me in the right direction. The whole process took about 15 minutes and the next week I had my puppy. I purchased my daughters puppy 2 days later, and have since purchased another one for my other... More...
    luzm656's Picture   luzm656    0 Comments   Comments
  • Extremely helpful

    Everything about the transaction went very smooth. We met with the breeders to pick up our babies, and were extremely impressed not only with their professionalism, their genuine concern over the babies, and their quality of puppies. After having our Vet check on them we were even more pleased, as the vet proclaimed as to the good breeding they had. More...
    felizalina243's Picture   felizalina243    0 Comments   Comments
  • great experience overall

    This is the first time I have used an out of State agency to purchase a puppy. Was a bit nervous about the situation. Using Purebred Breeders was the best and easiest thing I could have done. Have already recommended Purebred Breeders to Family and Friends. Would not hesitate to do this again and we absolutely love our new little girl, Raven. Everyone I dealt with was very informative and helpful. Couldn't be more please with the outcome. Thank you. More...
  • Outstanding puppy

    Working with Purebred Breeders to help me find my Labradoodle puppy was a great experience. The staff was exceptional and helped me identify the right dog. When I wanted to see updated pictures of my puppy, the staff immediately connected with the breeder who provided me photos within hours. I appreciate their work and diligence. Purebred Breeders understands that a new puppy is an investment in your family. More...
  • I love Purebred Breeders

    I was very Impressed on the professionalism their site has to offer. I had just lost my 11 year old Husky "Kota" RIP.... that past Sunday which my Heart is still Badly Broken from losing him. Well I could not get one response from any of the Husky Breeders here in Orange County, California not and answer from my messages or a reply on the many emails that I had sent them. I am so Glad I came upon Purebred Breeders to answer my needs. I had been looking at all the pups they had to offer and I saw little Mars. Hmmmm I went right past him looking at all the others and something... More...
    hazelgrist258's Picture   hazelgrist258    0 Comments   Comments
  • You will definitely not be disappointed

    This is my third time with Purebred breeders bringing a new pup into our home. Each and every time I have always has the best experience and the best customer service. Every one involved is extremely knowledgeable and helpful with any questions or concerns you may have. They are there for you. That is why I always come back. I can't say enough good things about Purebred Breeders. If you are considering a new furry member to your family, you have come to the right place. More...
  • Thank You Purebred Breeders!!!

    My experience at Purebred Brewders was wonderful. The staff were nice and they made it easy to find the right puppy for me. My Maltese puppy (now named Chloe) arrived safe and sound at the airport. They provided her with a leash, collar, bag of food, water and food, and a compemantry first checkup. She loves kids and is very trainable. I would definetly recommend Purebred Breeders to a friend. THANKS PUREBRED BREEDERS!!!!! More...
    mynewfriend's Picture   mynewfriend    1 Comments   Comments
  • The best ever

    I got my Boston Terrier about a year ago through Purebred Breeders. I was worried about losing my money or something being wrong with my dog but I'm here to tell you - I am so thankful I got her and especially that I got her through Purebred Breeders. She is an absolutely beautiful and perfect Boston in every way. She is still such a puppy but is so a loving and faithful companion. I have had no health issues with her at anytime and she is so smart and really was very easy to potty train. I love her so much. I don't know what I ever did without her. Thank you so much Purebred... More...
    cloworm's Picture   cloworm    0 Comments   Comments
  • I'm very satisfied!

    After deliberating as to where to go for a healthy Frenchie puppy I finally picked Purebred Breeders, and I'm genuinely thrilled that I did. Any questions about my puppy to be were professionally and thoughtfully handled by the knowledgeable staff. They even procured a video from the breeder, which was really a joy to see! Adopting a puppy has been incredibly enjoyable and rewarding. I'm so happy I chose Purebred Breeders. More...
    stephlivenc's Picture   stephlivenc    0 Comments   Comments
  • Love my poodle

    This is the review I added to measured up: Love my new poodle!!! We received our new poodle baby yesterday. Purebred Breeders were great. Every aspect of getting our little girl a was wonderful. I recently lost my 16 year old and 12 year old beloved poodles within 2 months of each other. The emotional pain was immense. Lauri was so sweet when I first called her about the poodle I wanted. She listened and was so helpful. Shari and Jessica with travel were attentive and helpful with each step of the travel process. When Jiji Palau arrived after a long day of air travel, her tail was wagging... More...
    turbaniak's Picture   turbaniak    0 Comments   Comments
  • Love my new poodle!!!

    We received our new poodle baby yesterday. Purebred Breeders were great. Every aspect of getting our little girl a was wonderful. I recently lost my 16 year old and 12 year old beloved poodles within 2 months of each other. The emotional pain was immense. Lauri was so sweet when I first called her about the poodle I wanted. She listened and was so helpful. Shari and Jessica with travel were attentive and helpful with each step of the travel process. When Jiji Palau arrived after a long day of air travel, her tail was wagging and she was giving her new daddy lots of kisses. My vet was... More...
    turbaniak's Picture   turbaniak    0 Comments   Comments
  • We were worried, but ....

    We found our puppy on Purebred Breeders before we realized that they are the "middleman" for breeders all over the country. We were looking for a breeder in our home state and their site said we could purchase a puppy here. Well, we did do the purchase here, but the puppy was across the country and had to be shipped here. It really seems like a weaselly way to do things. However, that being said, we got our puppy, and like they said, he came out of the crate wagging his tail and giving kisses! We haven't had him to the vet yet, but I can't imagine there will be any... More...
    csanetti's Picture   csanetti    1 Comments   Comments
  • Happy Puppy and Customer

    I'm rewriting this here to make sure my review is on the correct company website. I ordered a Morkie puppy from Purebred Breeders BEFORE I found the negative reviews about the company. Because of the negative reviews, I was extremely nervous about the puppy I would get. I talked to Cherie at Purebred Breeders, who spoke with so much passion and conviction about her company and the puppy I would get. She guaranteed me, without a shadow of a doubt, that I'd get the healthy, happy puppy that I ordered. I believed and trusted her so much that I went through with my order. I received... More...
    gwenap's Picture   gwenap    0 Comments   Comments
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