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Purebred Breeders.com Reviews

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  • Charlotte Gothard Corgi Breeder Ripped Off

    I found a corgi online thru puppyfind.com. The seller was Charlotte Gothard from Dayton, TN. I contacted her via text to ask a few questions and how to get a hold on a puppy. She explained that I would need to get a cashiers check or money order, take a picture and send it to her. She would hold the puppy and when she received the check she would remove the listing from the site. I complied with what she required. Then a week after I sent my check to her I touched base to see if she had received it. This was the response I received: "I'm going to send it back. You said that you... More...
    scornedcorgi's Picture   scornedcorgi    0 Comments   Comments
  • Purebred Breeders sold me an aggressive dog!

    We bought our Burnese Mountain Dog puppy last March from Purebred Breeders. It seemed like a good experience. However, he has been very aggressive and continues to growl and bite me and my children even after he was fixed. The vet called him an anomaly. They are usually very placid, but not this one :( I don't know what to do! They won't return my calls. I'm afraid he will bite a stranger and they will take him away. Any advice is appreciated!! More...
    Icequeen5's Picture   Icequeen5    0 Comments   Comments
  • cane corso puppy

    My dog name is kronos, since I got my baby that i love is nothing but problems he got entropion, ear problems and now he have fluids on his chest in order for him to breath he have a drainage yesterday and to find out exactly what he has is super expensive, i know the purebreed breeders dont care because i contact them for the entropion and their answer was will give a half price in your next puppy, now im here with my heart broken because i might have to put my baby to sleep, he is only 3.7 years. Please do not buy a puppy from them. More...
    kronos's Picture   kronos    0 Comments   Comments
  • Caution: Unknown Qualifications of Breeders

    I suggest caution in dealing with Purebred Breeders. Strike #1: They refuse to identify the breeder, other than by first name, or allow you to know if the breeder has a web site. They claim they are %u201Cprotecting%u201D their breeders. In my experience, they did arrange a call with someone claiming to be the breeder, but I had no idea who I was talking to and I had no way to independently assess their experience. Read any creditable book on how to select a puppy and the most important rule: Know Your Breeder! You cannot know the breeder with this company, and you CANNOT independently... More...
    GeorgeAtHome's Picture   GeorgeAtHome    1 Comments   Comments
  • They are idiots!

    My boyfriend and I recently purchased a puppy off of purebred breeders.com. We were told that the puppy would come fully vaccinated and that he needed to see a vet within 48 hours of receiving him. We took him to the vet and weren't able to give any vaccine information because the breeder hadn't sent any with the puppy. We had to call purebred breeders and wait 20 minutes just to find out that all the puppy had received to be claimed "fully vaccinated" were a ton of dewormers! The puppy also has an abscess on his side because the stupid breeder doesn't know how to... More...
    MichaelaH419's Picture   MichaelaH419    1 Comments   Comments
  • PureBred Breeders: Adopting a puppy

    I just bought a dog from this company should i be worried of the dog coming from a puppy mill or come with diseases? I found out afterwards that this company has had a lot of complaints due to puppy illnesses due to coming from puppy mills. Should i be worried, it is suppose to come in this Saturday and i do not know how to react to the new information i found out due to doing some research of my own of this company online. Can someone please answer my question? I really wish i would have adopted from a shelter at this point. More...
    icastro199219's Picture   icastro199219    6 Comments   Comments

    Although I am not saying the company itself is disreputable, they are basically brokers for breeders who are churning out puppies Because of this they do not have the necessary info to really know what you are getting. The process is extremely flawed and there are absolutely no guarantees that who ever you speak to knows any more about the dog than what you read on line. I bought a puppy whose parents were 7 and 9 pounds and was clear with the first company representative that I spoke to that I was looking for a dog that would be about 7 or 8 pounds. She assured me that with the parents... More...
    ilovemy3kids's Picture   ilovemy3kids    0 Comments   Comments
  • Don't buy and expensive puppy!!!!

    I am truly embarrassed to tell you what I paid for a Yorkshire Terrier. In his picture he was truly the most adorable thing I had ever seen. Champion blood lines, yadda yadda yadda...you know all the the good stuff you want to hear. They know exactly what to say! A few things about Yorkies, they should weigh around 7 pounds, and their ears should stick up. In my Yorkies pictures his ears were standing up. So we have had him 3 months. He is a great dog all in all but....He is going to weigh about 11 pounds and his ears are very droopy. My comment to you is you could pay a lot for... More...
    Rudyreddog's Picture   Rudyreddog    0 Comments   Comments


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