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Purebred Breeders.com Reviews

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    I told my boyfriend that I wanted a puppy for Valentines Day last year and I was very excited getting my first Yorkshire Terrier. We both paid all the shipments charges and everything else we needed for her to come home. We picked her up from the airport and she was very nervous. Within a day or two she started to come around and get use to us. The more older she grew the more wild she became. I paid hard earn money out of my pockets to get her train it didn't work out. She's very hardheaded and after spending over 3,000 dollars for her it shouldn't be that way. I can't... More...
    KatieShort148's Picture   KatieShort148    2 Comments   Comments
  • Horible experience from Purebred Breeders.com

    Do not purchase an animal from this company, they do not do a good job screening their breeders and don't really care what happens once they get your money! If you must use a broker, use someone else that actually screens the breeders carefully. For starters...We were told we were buying ($2300.00) a "miniature Golden Doodle" and that at the most he would 40 lbs. Within 5 months, we was 55lbs and now 14 months later he is 75lbs! When the puppy arrived we noticed something strange about his lack of energy and playfulness. Sure enough the breeder shipped him with parvo and... More...

    Do not buy a puppy from Puppy Spot. I bought one in September of 2016. They refuse to give me papers of my dog and in November after him falling very ill I had to get him sedated and get him an xray to see why he was limping on his left leg and we found out that he has severe hip displaysia. I spent $2600 on a sick puppy and now I have to pay $5000 on the hip surgery and I've had countless medical bills for him since September. He came with hookworm, an ear infection and giardia. Do not buy a dog from them they are crooks and a puppy mill and they wont give me my money back. They said... More...
    lkparadise's Picture   lkparadise    0 Comments   Comments
  • Puppy is not purebred!!

    I bought a maltese puppy from Purebred Breeders Sept. 2015. I paid a lot and expected that the puppy would live up to his description which stated he was from a championship bloodline. Not true. He should have black eyes, which are hazel. His coat from his head to his shoulders is maltese but from there down the coat is curly and fuzzy. He is much larger than standard. My suspicions were validated by my vet today. I want to warn others not to use this site which has changed to puppyspot.com probably because they have disappointed so many. More...
  • Suspicious Website

    I have been researching purchasing a pug puppy for several weeks and came across Purebred Breeders.com. I am VERY suspicious of a website where you can purchase a puppy (essentially sight unseen) on the internet like I would a pair of socks. How are they shipped? How do I know that I will get the puppy pictured? What are the breeders like? Where are they located? When I called the company and spoke to one of their "counselors", I was even more suspicious. She told me I would have great difficulty finding a puppy that I could see before I purchased. When I told her that I... More...
    Pimpernel66's Picture   Pimpernel66    7 Comments   Comments
  • Purebred Breeders are deceptive and commit fraud

    Living in a fourth floor walk-up I wanted a very small dog so I purchased an AKC eligible "purebred Chihuahua." From Purebred Breeders. She kept getting bigger and bigger and looking less and less like a Chihuahua. We finally asked her vet to do a DNA test. It came back showing she was Chihuahua on one side going back three generations but on the other side she had mixed parents all the way back for three generations with no particular breed outstanding. I have asked for a refund. They say DNA tests are unreliable and say she is Chihuahua on one side, as if that were good... More...
    Emilybetsy's Picture   Emilybetsy    3 Comments   Comments
  • A whole lot of lies, and not the real puppy parents or location

    I started the process of buying a Yorkie puppy through purebred breeders and although I was told I had to pay an additional $400 for shipping dog from out of state on top of $3600 for the dog itself, I later found some pictures online of puppies from the same breeder on the exact same couch with other puppies born on the same day. Turned out it was the same breeder, and the puppies we only $550, and about 50-miles from me in the same state I live in. I drove to the breeders house and saw the mom and pictures of dad, and they weren't even CLOSE to the pictures I received from pure bred... More...
    GTRZR's Picture   GTRZR    0 Comments   Comments
  • Huge deception

    I purchased a Toy poodle that is now one year old. She's 14 inches tall and weighs 12 lbs. Her advertisement claimed both her parents were between 4-6 lbs. I'm demanding a refund because obviously she is a Miniature, not a Toy. The breeder where she came from needs to be shut down. They didn't even know how to remove the dewclaws correctly. I was so totally ripped off. I'm disabled and it was so important for me to have a very small dog. I'm so disgusted with this place...DO NOT EVER PURCHASE A DOG THROUGH THIS CARELESS COMPANY. More...
    Connie981's Picture   Connie981    0 Comments   Comments
  • Magnolia Danes, Genetic staph hypersensitivity

    Amy of magnolia danes sold me a puppy, to begin with the transaction was wonderful, she even told me my puppy was the pick of the litter. before he was even shipped i had asked about little pustules on his face- i know that these are usually caused by staph infections with the possibility of being a demodex carrier, she swore up and down it was nothing but the humidity in mississippi. he had it when he got off the plane home and it progressively got worse, he went through three rounds of antibiotics and skin scrapings and each time was told it was staph infection. she blamed it on his new... More...
    192837465's Picture   192837465    0 Comments   Comments
  • Message Center

    I am truly disappointed with the phone call I had with (Mr. X)- I am not revealing his name because it's pointless. I was very much interested in purchasing a beautiful puppy on PUREBRED BREEDERS.COM. I spoke to Mr.X and waned to know why I had not heard back from the "Breeder"?. On the website it indicates a section where a perspective buyer can leave a question for the "Breeder". I was told the questions are sent to "PUREBRED BREEDERS.COM. and NOT to the "Breeder". PUREBRED BREEDERS.COM (which to me sounds more like a Message Center)are... More...
    007GRL's Picture   007GRL    0 Comments   Comments
  • Encinas Rottweilers

    We purchased Harley, an 8 week old puppy from Encinas Rottweiler%u2019s on April 12, 2014 and on April 15, 2014 we were at the vet. The puppy was very sick from day one. The puppy had diarrhea. Breeder said that this is common when they are moved. The puppy was deathly sick. I have a book of documentation proving the dog was sick. Melissa stated she sold me a healthy puppy, however the vet states a different story. I could not return the puppy due to she was in Mexico on an extended vacation. Melissa refused to replace the puppy when she died less than a year old because she stated... More...
    gigielrod's Picture   gigielrod    7 Comments   Comments
  • not healthly

    I purchased a puppy,only to find out it had eye problems,purebred breeders insited I take the dog to a eye dr.So I could prove ,that it did have eye problems,which I did a 100 dolllars later I am told by the eye dr. the same thing the vet said. it is a genic problem that is passes along the line.I ask that purebred breeders pay for the surery. I did not order a dog with problems.WELLTHEIR IS SUSPOISE TO BE A GUARANTEE.So sorry no. More...
    baloney's Picture   baloney    0 Comments   Comments
  • Only care about $$$$

    I am a breeder and only sold one puppy with them but will never list another. It was very obvious they were more concerned about making money than the wellbeing of the puppy. Would not let me have any contact with the new owner and was shorted money and told it was too late the sale had been made. They have ignored me since I sent the puppy on the airline and will still not return my e-mails. More...
    Beanderson30's Picture   Beanderson30    0 Comments   Comments
  • Puppy not received as described

    I purchased a Westie through Purebred Breeders vs. getting one locally because I wanted the health guarantee and she was to be a gift for a friend who had wanted one for years. I was told they screen the breeders, do home visits, make sure the puppies aren't from puppy mills, etc,. I would be getting that pup you see on the commercials. Clean, white, with a bow in her hair....NOT what I got. They charged ME "the buyer" a fee to go pick up the dog- a 2.5 hour drive! Then when confronted offered only a PetsMart gift card as partial credit- no thanks- I want my money back!!! The... More...
    merwinmorgan's Picture   merwinmorgan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Breeder, Sherry McCoy, MO

    In December, 2013 I purchased a Boxer puppy from Mrs. Sherry McCoy, through Purebred Breeders.com at the cost of $2095.00. I have cared for dogs of all breeds since I was a child and the Boxer breed specifically since 1973. I have had Boxers from local breeders and from Boxer Rescue organizations during this time period and have trained everyone of them successfully, as far as adapting to life with a human and behaving in an orderly and consistent manner. Some of the rescue dogs came to me with "issues" due to abuse they experienced prior to my adopting them, but I was able to... More...
    Chiron's Picture   Chiron    5 Comments   Comments
  • Incorrect description and breeder not truthful

    I purchased a puppy from Purebred Breeders.com. The description was they had a snow white puppy like his daddy. They had a picture of the puppy setting and he looked snow white. THey had a few more pictures with the light looking amber color so couldn't see more of the dog. I asked the person if he was pure white and I was told he was. When I received him he was a cream color not snow white. I also had to drive 160 miles to pick up the puppy. I was supposed to be there Saturday at 6 pm. I was there and received a call about 3 or 4 hours after the puppy should have been on the... More...
    WAGGS1999's Picture   WAGGS1999    0 Comments   Comments
  • They worry you to death!

    As a breeder, they call me almost every day sometimes more than once. When it came time to send the puppy to a new home, they require so much (pages and pages of instruction) you'd have to be a professor or a lawyer to make sense of it all much less remember it all. I would not recommend using them unless you have a lot of free time on your hands. They will run you back and forth to the vet unnecessarily at your expense. More...
  • A middleman that is not needed

    I setup an account for to sell puppies for my parents on purebred breeders. They raise dogs but don't have time to advertise the puppies. When working with purebred breeders I found that the descriptions of the puppies were generically given to the puppies and that if the description conflicted with the personality I had to change it. I setup the flights take pictures and run whenever they ask for new pictures. Basically all purebred breeders do is talk to the customer and for they double the cost of the puppy. My experience with purebred breeder was good for the first puppy sold but... More...
    thughes99's Picture   thughes99    0 Comments   Comments

    I waited over two years to right this review needed time to cool down!! This company is not the place two buy a yorkie puppy from she came to me coughing with throat issues two hernias which they said she had only one didnt look like a yorkie look like she was mixed with a chiwa, very thin hair just a very sick puppy ended up in a rescue! Buyers Beware!! This place is all about making a sale and taking your money!! More...
    leemorrow's Picture   leemorrow    0 Comments   Comments
  • Completely ignorant and unwilling to help!

    STAY AWAY FROM PUREBRED BREEDERS - our French Bulldog puppy has been plagued with health issues from Demodetic Mange, Seizures, a tumour and cherry eye and he is only 11 months old! As a company that touts having the best breeders in their network they don't stand behind this claim whatsoever. We have spent over $4600 on emergency vet and vet bills in 9 months and will continue to pay for seizure medication and treatment for his skin condition. Not to mention the poor suffering our puppy has been forced through for the last 6 months due to poor breeding practices. His sister (with... More...
    mkilkenny's Picture   mkilkenny    0 Comments   Comments
  • Shaved puppy recieved and can't grow hair.

    I paid over $3000.00 for a Shih Tzu from Purebred breeders. I have never even heard of shaving a puppy but she was when we received her. It is 6 months later and she can't grow hair on her back. Considering what I paid this is ridiculous because we are interested in grooming and having a show dog possibly. She is AKC registered but the rule of show dogs is never to cut them especially a puppy! They did this to cover up the hair issue which in Shih Tzu's is serious. More...
    JanBoscow's Picture   JanBoscow    0 Comments   Comments
  • Purebred Breeders.com is a user

    Yes I am a conscientious breeder who does all testing and have been producing quality puppies for over 15 years. I placed a puppy for sale using this website. They proudly announced that they had sold the puppy only if I could ship it to Puerto Rico. They informed me that the veterinary certificate cost would be reimbursed, crate purchase would be reimbursed and the cost of the flight would be reimbursed. This puppy would need to be shipped on a Monday and the veterinary visit should occur 48-72 hours prior to shipping. They promised to pay 24-48 hours prior to the puppy being shipped.... More...
    Golden4u's Picture   Golden4u    4 Comments   Comments
  • This website is a scam!

    We could not have found a more perfect teacup Yorkie. We had paid and she was going to be on a plane the next day. We got a call from the actual breeder, not someone working for the site, and it turns out they lied about EVERYTHING! The puppy was not the projected 3 lb teacup we paid $1900 for, she was already 2 lbs. She was actually expected to be 6-8 lbs. They said they overfed her and put a shirt and a collar on her so she would weigh enough to fly, which is just wrong! They also lied about the size of the litter, how many litters the mother had before, the size of the mother and the... More...
  • I ended up with a Diseased Puppy

    From the time I got my puppy, she was sick. We saw 5 different vets and she had two eye operations before she was even 7 mos. old. At 9 mos. old we spent the weekend with her as she was dying. That weekend our local vet got us to a top-notch vet hospital 90 minutes away, in New England. They finally figured out she was suffering from North American Blastomycosis, a slow growing systemic fungal disease non-existant in New England. Her lungs were covered in nodules & it was in her bloodstream, nervous system & organs. The disease is prominent in Missouri, where she was bred. No doubt... More...
    ReginaC's Picture   ReginaC    0 Comments   Comments
  • puppy mill super center

    I was super excited about getting my new puppy with purebreeders.com and i had a great interaction with the staff seemed very professional in every way but when i received my dog of course he is our absolute favorite and has a loving home now but i am extremely positive that was not the case before we got him. we paid $1200.00 for him and took him to different places and they yes he is a westie but he also has alot of poodle in him. also when i picked him up at the airport he had fleas and a ear infection i could not believe that the breeder would allow the puppy to released like that. then... More...
    johnsmith9494's Picture   johnsmith9494    0 Comments   Comments
  • Purebred Breeders .com

    avoid dealing with this company. They treat the animals like merchandise, not living things. My breeder scheduled a two pound puppy on a flight with a 7 hour layover so that rather than fly direct on a hour and a half flight the poor thing would be in a crate for almost 9 hours. Reason? Breed just didn't give a hoot. These guys are awful. They don't care about the animals, just making $. More...
    disgusted101's Picture   disgusted101    0 Comments   Comments
  • Purebred Breeders Boxers

    My wife and I decided after much research to look for a Boxer breeder. When we searched for a breeder in Massachusetts. When you google it this company has obviously invested money with web design such that their company comes up well-positioned. After speaking with the person that answered the phone (who knows what state they were in) and then , after insisting to speak to the breeder by phone, talking to the breeder, we were reassured that it would be a great idea to take the last two in the litter. Admittedly we were naive to the concept that taking two from the same litter might not... More...
    thmatheney's Picture   thmatheney    1 Comments   Comments
  • Buyer Beware - Bit of a Scam

    Expensive rip-off I just bought a very expensive puppy and thought I was asking all the right questions. I asked why the dog was so expensive. I was told the breeder was one of the best in the country and had to pay expensive stud fees. Will I get a full pedigree and registration? Definitely! was the answer. There was no AKC pedigree or registration but the bogus ACA registration for puppy mill & backyard breeders. There were no stud fees. This backyard breeder owned both the parent dogs. I thought I was getting a registered breed from a recognized breeder. Instead I paid a high price... More...
    ReginaC's Picture   ReginaC    1 Comments   Comments
  • Golden Retriever skin problems and allergies

    I purchased a golden retriever puppy in June 2011 from Purebred Breeders. Riley is our fourth GR so we are aware of the breed and attendant health problems. He arrived with pyoderma and a black and red belly. He was put on Prednisone and an antibiotic to clear it up. During the last year, Riley has been on Prednisone six times to clear up chronic skin issues. It was so bad that he was chewing off his coat to itch himself. I called and emailed Purebred Breeders numerous times. Each time I was told that they needed to know more. After spending thousands of dollars on veterinarians,... More...
    PetOwner's Picture   PetOwner    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stay away from Purebred Breeders

    I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Purebred Breeders had their attorney defend them to the hilt. BBB gave up and said I could take it to another level and I just might. I bought a champagne miniature poodle for $1500. I got a white toy poodle. We kept waiting for her to grow, but in the end, she's a toy. These are brokers who couldn't care less about what they sell. They're in FL; I had to buy my puppy a plane ticket from TX. Purebred Breeders never even saw this dog. More...
    mslynch's Picture   mslynch    0 Comments   Comments
  • purebredbreeders.com IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!!!!!

    DO NOT invest or trust your money with these people!!!!! I paid almost $3,000 for my blue merle pomeranian. Upon his arrival we noticed he didnt look to good, his eyes were sad and red he would not eat and if he did he would throw it right up. We assumed he wasn't feeling well do to his long plane ride. By the next day he still didnt look well and his coat was very dry, this shouldnt be the case on a healthy puppy. He continued to vomit consistantly. We were so worried we took him to the vet. She was so concerned that she had to him stay over night in the ICU. The next day we got the... More...
    Amy1214's Picture   Amy1214    4 Comments   Comments
  • Purebred scam

    I purchased my yorkie in 2009...I was suppose to get a toy yorkie but I recieved a standard size one...I did my reseach on the breed and yorkies are suppose to have all black nail but my dog has white and black nails also his parents are both under 4 pounds...so they say... and my dog weighs close to 11 pounds...I'm gonna get a blood test done..if it comes out to be a mix dog...I'm gonna take legal action.. for false advertisment..I would not refer them to anyone More...
    mswinns's Picture   mswinns    1 Comments   Comments
  • PurebredBreeders.com

    I bought my dog from PurebredBreeders.com in April 2011. I LOVE my dog, but he has some problems. If I had to do it over again, I would not choose this company. The Good: PureBredBreeders offered to put me in direct contact with the breeder in Arizona (over the phone). I am confident that she did not run a puppy mill - not only did she send videos and pictures of my dog and his littermates in her house, along with pedigree info, but she drove from AZ to Los Angeles, where I live, along with my dog's littermates and dropped them off at my house. I did some research and found that... More...
    chebot's Picture   chebot    1 Comments   Comments

    Terrible people terrible business.$2600.00 teacup poodle turned out to be toy poodle. 12 weeks old 4.6 lb. Picked her up at the airport knew there was a problem called them from the airport. NO HELP AT ALL. A week later no refund no ticket to send the dog back. Thank god I used a creditcard. They could tell it was the wrong dog but purebred breeders could not. Got my money back from card company. Called and called to get a ticket for the dog to be returned. No help. I finally called Delta got the 800 number called Jenna and told her here is the number here is the weight of the dog and crate... More...
    kjalil's Picture   kjalil    5 Comments   Comments
  • These people are dishonest

    We purchased an Australian Shepherd from these people. What we got, according to the DNA testing we did, was a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix. What we also got was a dog infested with parasites: hookworm, round worms and giardia. They refused to pay for the medications we had to purchase to cure the dog and they refused to rebate any of the purchase price we paid for a "pure-bred" that wasn't. More...
    JSLR's Picture   JSLR    1 Comments   Comments
  • Awful Company. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

    I bought what I thought was a beautiful long haired Chihuahua. I received a short haired Chihuahua with a defect of Alopechia. This is a congenital defect of no hair! They were very rude to me and said her lack of hair was cosmetic. I took her to two vets who confirmed her defect. Don't buy because they won't deal with any defects. I learned my lesson to never buy online again and to buy from a breeder directly. They are just awful to deal with. They refuse to reply to me. More...
    Sitka's Picture   Sitka    0 Comments   Comments
  • Do Not!!

    I paid around 1300 for my youngist Boxer She is and has been blind , I think from day one. Vet checks and all. I called. I bought my baby in Oct. 09. I would not and will not part with her.The promise you get from these people is crap! It seems to be my fault for not telling them from the git. I love my sweetie,and so do'es her 7 yr old 300 dollar sister Boxer Lucy. Buyer Beware. When I called I got a young mom with a baby in the background who could care less. Go to a REALL breeder not a swap companany Winona Coba More...
    winona's Picture   winona    0 Comments   Comments
  • post ypur experience on Facebook

  • Never buy from them again!!!

    I bought my dog from purebred breeders about a year and a half ago. They claimed he is a pure miniature schnauzer. When we called, we spoke to a man named Alex. He was very helpful, made everything go smoothly. I asked him how they ship the dogs and he told me my dog would come with someone on the airplane. The day I went to pick up my dog, I waited in the airport because I was told someone would be flying with him. Turns out he flew cargo. I also asked for pictures of the parents. They sent me 2 pics of these miniature schnauzers. I also was unable to speak to the breeder so I was never... More...
    Redrobbn's Picture   Redrobbn    1 Comments   Comments
  • very suspisous

    This company is very good about making you think they are from high quality breeder but the fact is, is that you have no idea where they are actually coming from and if they are in fact telling the truth. I was informed my dog was well socialized and she clearly hasn't even been introduced to a leash before and I got her at 13 weeks. The second you put her down she runs and hides. I tried calling the breeder and they won't return any of my phone calls. More...
    daisy123's Picture   daisy123    1 Comments   Comments

    All I can do is relate my experience with this company and let you make the call... In March 2009 I purchased a Golden Retriever puppy. After a few months of the puppy continually dripping urine we had a number of diagnostic tests that determined he was born with only 1 kidney and the 1 kidney looked unhealthy. When contacted the company did offer to take the puppy back and send a replacement puppy but with no refund. We chose to keep the 1 kidneyed dog and give it the best life possible, including paying $5000 to have a urethral cuff installed around his urethra in an attempt to stop... More...
    NESinWDC's Picture   NESinWDC    0 Comments   Comments
  • thought was buying a sofa

    I am sick, therefore, didnt adopt. However, felt i was ordering a sofa. Nobody asked what type of person i was couldnt care less, nor wanted to chk with my vet to chk me out. I could have been the most abusive animal person in the world. They didnt care. Never heard of a place that would not let u know, nor speak with breeder. Later found that was auto reply from the "breeder" well, when i asked for the bredder at this corporate location, said he wasnt in yet. Doubt a breeder hangs out in this office. Was strange. Felt uneasy. Emailed company and this "breeder"... More...
    madison1111's Picture   madison1111    1 Comments   Comments
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